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LiveGTS - Live GPS Tracking Software

Find GPS Tracking Solution? consider our GPS Tracking Software - LiveGTS.

What is LiveGTS

LiveGTS is a online web based GPS Tracking Software, you can build your own GPS tracking server for your local customers with low cost now. you can use it as GPS personal and vehicle tracking software.

Why LiveGTS

1. LiveGTS is a professional Web-based GPS tracking software.A lot of customers from all over the world are using this software to provide live tracking service to their clients, it is stable enough with rich functions.
2. You can build your tracking platform with your domain name, company name, logo, contact email, language and other customize information.etc. Your customers don't even know this software is from us
3. LiveGTS can create multi-user accounts, you can set each user to one kind of user role, so it is very easy for you to control each user's access right.
4. You don't need to pay a lot of money at first, you can pay monthly fee to have a try first.
5. Promotion your GPS tracker: Your customers will be satified with your service and increase your sales according to our experience.


You are welcome to visit our GPS Tracking Software demo(Please contact us for account and password), it is more easy for you to understand our software. If you have any question when using this demo, please feel free to write email to us or contact us online.

FMS - Full Managed Server Service with LiveGTS

You can build your tracking service within 3 Minutes, start with our FMS.

Real-time Tracking

LiveGTS can see all trackers of one account in real-time page, you can easy to select each tracker to see where is it. We use "ajax" technique to ensure no delay to update tracker's position information between browser and server.

Various Alarm

LiveGTS support Various Alarm, including SOS Alarm, Speed Alarm, Lower Power Alarm, Geo-Fence Alarm and so on.
You can set multi-fence area to one tracker at the same time, tracker enter or leave each area will fire the alarm.

When alarm fired, an Email will be sent to your email address, you can set different email address to different users to receive alarm email.

Handle Alarm Function

LiveGTS provides Handle All Alarm function, that means, operator can open real-time page and receive all trackers' alarm in one screen, and deal with alarm by "Handle Alarm Steps", for example: "Step1: Call User's SOS phone number Step2:Call Police", and write handle result for each steps.
You can also check these handle alarm history in report.
By this way, you can easy to establish up a 7x24 hours control center.

Note: Some country/region can't use handle alarm function.

Control Trackers in LiveGTS

LiveGTS control function includes:
1. Geo-fence
2. Speed Alarm
3. Update Position
4. Report Interval
5. Stop Engine

Note: Not all trackers support all control function.

History Playback

You can select tracker and time to playback history foot print.

History data can be saved to KML file, Excel File and PDF file.


LiveGTS report includes:
1. GPS Report
2. Distance Report
3. Stop Report
4. Invalid Tracker Report
5. Alarm Report


LiveGTS provides full functions to manage livegts accounts, user roles, tracker and system parameters etc.

Manage | Tracker Config

Add, modify and delete your and your user's trackers.

Manage | Modify Password

Change your account's password.

Manage | My Account

Modify Account Information.

Manage | Email Setting

Set email address to receive alarm email.

Manage | User Management

Add, modify, delete sub user and user permission.
You can set:
1. Max trackers user can add to LiveGTS.
2. User role, different user role has different rights.
3. User State, you can disable user to use livegts at any time.
4. Expire Date, you can set a date to let user account expire, it is easy for you to charge money from user.

Manage | User Role

Each user must belong to one kind of user role, each user role has different system rights.
In default, LiveGTS has 4 kinds of user role:
1. Administrator - full access to GPS Tracking Software LiveGTS
2. Distributor - can add sub users and trackers, can't use some manage functions.
3. Normal User - can't add sub users, can add trackers
4. Restricted User - can't add trackers, can't stop engine.
It is easy for you to add, modify existing user role and change the system rights, just need select some checkbox.

Manage | System Config

Here you can customize your GPS Tracking Software LiveGTS, you can modify:
1. Company name
2. Company Logo
3. Contact email address
4. Default map position
5. Default language
6. Welcome text
7. ...

Manage | Field Customize

Add extra field to user and tracker
For example: you can add "Address", "Age" to user. when add user, system will display additional address and age input box.

Manage | Model Management

Add, modify and delete tracker model in LiveGTS

Manage | Data Management

You can delete history data and import kml files here

Your best GPS Fleet System

More Functions

To get more function about our tracking software LiveGTS, please contact our sales or inquire online below.

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