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    GPS Q & A

    How to active GPRS?

    Please ask your GSM provider to active GPRS feature for your simcard

    How to buy?

    You can send inquiry from our website or call us directly telling us what you would like to order, our sales representative will contact you within 1 working day.

    Does your tracker need SIM card?

    Yes, it need GSM SIM card.

    Does the SIM card need any special function?

    2G GSM simcard which supports GPRS, caller ID display and SMS features

    My SIM card only support GPRS, can not call and send SMS, does it still working?

    Yes, if only support GPRS, the tracker will only support real time tracking feature, which means it will report data to the software and it can not reply you message if you send sms command to it .

    How many days can I receive the GPS tracker?

    Goods can be sent out within 1 working days after payment received and it will takes 3~5 days for DHL to deliver the goods to you .

    How much GPRS traffic cost per month?

    It depends on your report time interval setting. Usually, it will take 90~100 bytes for every position refresh, for example, if you set the report time interval to be 30s, it will takes around 8~9MB GPRS traffic every month.

    Can your tracker work well in our country?

    All of our trackers support quad-band GSM frequency. They can work in your country as long as there is GSM network in your country.

    Does your GPS tracker support any other sensors?

    Yes, it supports fuel sensor, temperature sensor, alcohol sensor and door sensor etc.
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