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  • GPS Vehicle DVR MD100

  • 3G GPS Vehicle DVR
    Real-time Video
    Video Playback

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  • GPS Vehicle DVR MD100
    GPS Vehicle DVR MD100

    Video Monitoring

    Real-time Video Monitoring
    Video Monitoring

    1. using H.264 encoding format, compression ratio, the image is clear.
    2. using 8-36V wide voltage design, suitable for all kinds of vehicles.
    3. support 1D1 + 3CIF real-time video.
    4. support 64G SD card storage.
    5. special file management system, the data is encrypted, the effective protection of data security.
    6. Dual streaming technology, ensure the effect of local video recording wireless transmission.
    7. Support 3G transmission.
    8. Support GPS & real-time tracking.

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