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    Tow Truck Tracking

    GPS Technology Can Help the Towing Industry become More Efficient than Ever

    One of the most effective ways to increase a company’s profitability is to simply reduce expenses, but as many business owners have discovered, it’s not as simple as changing a few rules. Labor and fuel are expensive resources, and cutting either of them would save the company a considerable amount of money, but it’s difficult to cut these costs without limiting your own efficiency. Now, with our GPS truck tracking software, you can increase your business’s efficiency and profitability at the same time. Let’s take a look at the many ways that tow truck tracking software can enhance your business.


    - Decrease fuel costs by plotting more efficient routes, monitoring driver behavior, and sending the closest vehicle possible when a client calls.

    - Keep your work force safe by tracking vehicles’ locations, encouraging safe use of vehicles, and quickly recovering them in the event of a theft.

    - Foster a trustworthy workforce by monitoring suspicious behavior.

    - Create a safe business model that insurance companies may reward.

    - Access the truck tracking system from any internet-enabled device.

    - Render phones obsolete with the GPS tracker’s built-in text communication.

    GPS truck tracking doesn’t only benefit the business, but the customers as well. Here are some ways that your clients can directly benefit from your investment.

    - With the ability to send the closest possible truck to each job, wait times will be shorter for customers and your trucks will burn less fuel.

    - A database of customer information allows truck drivers to communicate more effectively to customers, reassuring customers of the expertise of their driver.

    - Customers can send information about their vehicle and situation directly to drivers, which means less paperwork has to be completed on-site.


    1. Satellite tracking equipment is more expensive than cellular tracking, so many companies are hesitant to switch.

    2.Most GPS systems rely on limited battery power.

    3.Fully equipping smaller fleets can be too costly.


    1. Combining high tech satellite tracking with traditional Radio Frequency (RF) communication will ensure tracking stays top notch. RF transmitters send signals without the necessity of a cellular network, while Satellite technology allows you to receive data anywhere in the world.

    2. Combining GPS battery with the Car battery system or having a robust battery backup will solve the GPS system’s heavy need for battery power.

    3. An assessment of cost vs. efficiency can be done by most GPS tracking equipment manufacturers.

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