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    Taxi GPS Tracking Device

    Want to make your taxi fleet even more efficient?

    1.Wondering how to reduce no-load rates?
    2.Want to keep an eye on your drivers’ behavior?
    3.Interested in the safety of passengers and drivers?
    4.Taxis taking “the long way” to their destinations?
    5.Curious about advertising on your fleet’s vehicles?

    What we offer

    Real-time tracking
    Our GPS vehicle tracker can do more than help you keep track of your fleet. When a passenger hails one of your taxis with a phone call or an app, they’re not just calling for a cab, they’re calling for the closest available cab. Not only is this more efficient, but it means quicker arrivals and a better customer experience.

    Driver behavior management
    We provide a number of in-taxi conveniences and safety precautions like custom taxi meters and printers to help your customer understand how they’re being charged and surveillance systems to make sure your driver’s are doing their jobs well. These surveillance systems also come in handy when a crime or accident occurs because all the video proof is saved on the vehicle’s DVR.

    Take photos or send out a discreet SOS
    If the driver feels threatened, they can quickly and secretly take a picture of the passenger as well as send out an SOS alert to dispatch. This protects both the driver and their passengers.

    History playback
    If a customer ever complains that their driver is taking “the long way”, you can easily check route histories with the GPS track system. You can use this feature to optimize routes and increase efficiency.

    LED advertising screens
    Taxis are absolutely everywhere, and with the amount of exposure they get, they’re prime real estate for advertisers. If you want to take advantage of this easy profit source, our LED screens provide an attractive and cost-efficient way to advertise around the clock.

    Looking for something we didn’t mention above? Feel free to contact us! We offer many other services, including detailed reports, drunk driving management, and more.

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