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    Pet Tracker

    Locate Your Pets Easily with GPS Pet Tracker

    Pet lovers know that sometimes pets can go missing. They wander off and make their owners worry a lot because they are not merely pets but are treated as loyal companions, even as family members. Thanks to a GPS pet tracker, pet owners can now easily locate their furry friends in case they are missing. Unlike a microchip, which won’t alert you when your dog or cat is lost, a pet tracker sends you a message when your pet is out and about so you can find him NOW.

    GPS Tracker lets you find your pets quickly

    A GPS tracking device for pets is like an electronic leash which lets you know your pet’s current location. You attach the device to your pet’s collar and forget about your dog going missing again. The tracker sends alerts which you can check on your mobile device or online.

    GPS tracking devices for pets eliminate the work of searching for lost pets by providing the current location of your beloved animal. Here are some of the benefits you can experience when using a GPS pet tracker:

    1. Locate your pets easily – You no longer have to put up “missing” posters around your neighborhood when your pet suddenly vanishes. With GPS, you can find your pet quickly and anywhere in the world!

    2. Provides Real Time Feedback of your pet’s location on your mobile device.

    3. A GPS tracking device for your pet allows you to watch over your furry companions even from afar.


    1. Pet GPS tracking devices are small and with a decrease in size comes a decrease in battery life. This means the battery would need to be removed from the collar and charged regularly.

    2. Pet trackers are dependent upon cellular technology. Dogs often have a tendency to wander into fields or other areas where cellular coverage may be weak at best, which means GPS monitoring will not work.

    3. GPS pet trackers have to be waterproof and rugged because pets are prone to be active running through rough terrain.


    1. With the new technology, the batteries on pet trackers now last a lot longer than before, and therefore, require fewer charges.

    2. The coverage area for pet trackers has also been improved by mobile carriers.

    3. The lightweight pet tracker attaches to your dog's existing collar, and is designed to be worn even while swimming. It is designed to take the abuse almost any pet can dish out.

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