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    Law Enforcement Tracking

    GPS Technology keeps Law Enforcement Officials Safe

    Law enforcement officers put their lives on the line every day, always on-alert and gathering information to stop crime in its tracks. They deserve the best technology we can offer. With our GPS tracker systems, police can do their jobs with an unprecedented level of efficiency, responding more quickly to calls and, possibly, saving lives that would’ve otherwise been lost.

    Some departments have even taken our law enforcement tracker technology to the next level, tracking not only officers but prisoners on parole. With GPS technology, it’s easy to check on prisoners and make sure that they’re adhering to their parole. Just attach a GPS bracelet to them before they’re released, and you can receive alerts if they violate their parole. Let’s look at a few other ways that GPS tracking can benefit our law enforcement officials.


    - GPS vehicle tracking can be used to keep track of police vehicles, notify the officer closest to a crime-in-progress, and reduce response time by crucial minutes. This method is proven to reduce crime, increase arrest rates, and save lives.

    - That same technology can also be used to recover lost, stolen, or otherwise mission police vehicles. Not only does this provide city officials with peace of mind, but it reduces costs.

    - GPS technology can also protect officers and the public from unwarranted behavior on either side. Officers are protected from false claims, and citizens are protected from officers who might take advantage of a bad situation.

    - Solving a theft is drastically less difficult when the stolen item has been equipped with a GPS tracker. This technology can also be implemented to stop theft rings and recover stolen items.

    - GPS navigation in police vehicles shortens response time, lowers fuel consumption, reduces labor hours, and helps officers leave a smaller carbon footprint. This promotes a safer and healthier environment for the city.


    1. These systems can be complicated to install on a large scale.

    2. Law enforcement agencies aren’t allowed to use this technology at their own discretion.

    3. Short battery life can cause crucial data to be lost.

    4. GPS systems are expensive in the short-term.

    5.GPS tracking only works on people, vehicles, and objects with a tracker attached, and signal can be disrupted if the suspect is indoors.

    6.Some GPS devices aren’t rugged enough to withstand covert activities.


    1.Our GPS systems are small and easy-to-install.

    2.Tracking a suspect is perfectly legal with a warrant.

    3.Innovative battery technology has drastically increased battery life and backup capacity.

    4. Many GPS tracking companies offer consultancy services to help you decide which system is right for you and your company.

    5. New technology such as RFID and cellular tracking can allow you to track suspects, even indoors.

    6. Many GPS devices are extremely durable, rugged, and waterproof.

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