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    Field Service Tracking

    Field Service can benefit from GPS Technology

    The GPS tracking system is quickly becoming a staple of global fleet management, and while this technology more immediately comes to mind when considering rental cars or courier services, this groundbreaking technology can also be helpful to field service companies. Field service tracking software and GPS equipment can foster increased productivity and efficiency, reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction. Let’s take a look at the many benefits your company can enjoy with a GPS field service tracker system.


    - Dispatch can communicate directly with drivers, saving them the time it would take to return and receive a new assignment.

    - Fewer trips to the office and more efficient navigation translate directly to lower fuel costs.

    - Increased efficiency allows field service workers to work faster and smarter, allowing them to service more customers in less time.

    - Improved data and statistic accuracy will allow you to fine-tune the inner workings of your company.

    - GPS navigation will allow field service workers to plot the shortest possible route to clients, leading to quicker response and more satisfied customers.

    - Monitor vehicle positions, set alerts, or even restrict where a vehicle can go with our tracking solutions. If you suspect that the vehicle is being misused, you can even shut down the engine or lock all doors remotely.

    - GPS trackers don’t use cell phone towers. More reliable satellite communication insures that you have a fail-safe line of communication to your fleet at all times.

    - Individual field workers can be outfitted with small, unobtrusive tracking devices. In the event of an emergency, SOS buttons located on the device can instantly send out an exact location.


    1. GPS systems are complex, and they provide an incredible wealth of data that many find to be overwhelming

    2. GPS systems can be very expensive and a fully integrated fleet may not be cost efficient for smaller companies.


    1.Our technology can be custom-fitted to any business, and our user interface can be customized to be easy-to-use and provide only relevant information.

    2. Our consultant can help you pinpoint your needs and decide the most cost-effective way to implement GPS technology to make your fleet more efficient.

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