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    Courier Tracking

    GPS Technology Works Wonders for Courier Industry

    Courier services are dedicated to providing the most reliable, timely, and efficient service they possibly can, but they face many issues. A lack of communication between drivers, clients, and the company can lead to a dissatisfied customer base, especially if a lack of communication and awareness cause a package to be late or lost.

    This is where our GPS technology comes in. A GPS tracker system allows courier services to track and manage their entire fleets with ease, accuracy, and convenience. Fleet awareness offers countless ways to increase efficiency and communicate with your workforce, preventing waste, lowering maintenance costs, and providing a better customer experience.


    - Customers can track the shipping progress of their packages in real time.

    - Our GPS courier tracker allows dispatch to maintain complete awareness of drivers’ positions, allowing customers to rest assured that their package will arrive on time.

    - Routes can be optimized to save time, fuel, and maintenance.

    - Vehicles can be rerouted at any time to account for weather, traffic, or construction.

    - Companies can determine exact vehicle locations at any time.

    - GPS tracking allows the company to respond to customer inquiries more quickly.

    - Increase efficiency and customer satisfaction while lowering operating costs.

    - Monitor driver behavior to prevent risky or irresponsible driving practices.

    - Reduce insurance liabilities.

    - Enjoy increased awareness and control of your fleet.

    - Reduce your environmental impact by shortening routes.

    - Increase productivity and efficiency.


    1. Most systems rely heavily on battery power.
    2. Employees will need to learn how to navigate the sea of information provided by GPS trackers.
    3. The cost of equipping your fleet may outweigh the initial benefits.


    1. Battery life issues can be solved with a robust backup battery. Newer systems also offer drastically increase battery life and higher capacity backup.

    2. Our GPS technology is user-friendly and can be adapted to users of any skill or training level.

    3. We offer consultation services to help you decide if a GPS tracking solution would be right for your company.

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