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    Consumption Fuel Monitoring Systems

    How do expensive fuel costs impact you?

    1.Do you worry about leaks and theft?
    2.Are you hesitant to drill a hole in your tank for fuel monitoring?
    3.Are your vehicle’s fuel monitors accurate enough?
    4.Could you use a more accurate monitoring system?
    5.Could a fuel report protect your company’s profits?

    What we offer

    Theft and leak monitoring
    Our advanced tracking system helps you detect and prevent loss of fuel. This includes both theft and leaks, and with our FMS GPS tracking system, you’ll know almost immediately which vehicle is losing fuel.

    Improve the vehicle’s current readings
    We’re able to install our system so easily because it actually uses your vehicle’s original fuel monitoring system, but to a greater degree. Just connect the AD cable to the car’s fuel sensor and you’re all set.

    High precision monitoring
    Our advanced algorithms are what make our system so unique and accurate, reducing deviation and using the flow meter to make sure accurate values are shown.

    Detailed fuel reporting
    Alongside our GPS vehicle tracker, our FMS tracking system monitors when fuel was added to the tank, how much, and where. We offer detailed reports on this information that will allow you to reduce operating costs right from the FMS tracking platform.

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