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    Construction Fleet Management Solutions

    What worries you about your construction fleet?

    • Fuel being stolen from vehicles?
    • Drivers using the vehicles for their own projects?
    • Misuse of vehicles leaving to maintenance costs?
    • Driver’s safety after working long shifts?
    • Losing track of driver and vehicle reports?

    What we offer

    Live monitoring of vehicles and drivers
    With our GPS tracking software, you can monitor your fleet at any time from any smart device or computer. Different settings allow for alerts when drivers are speeding, leaving the area, or otherwise being inefficient, and if they’re responsible for damages, the maintenance bill can be mailed directly to the driver.

    Fuel monitoring and fuel consumption reports
    The fuel that keeps construction vehicles mobile is a precious resource, and with our fuel monitoring systems, you can always be sure of fuel levels. Reports can automatically be emailed to you, and you can set up alerts for when the gas level unexpectedly changes.

    Driver identification and management
    GPS fleet management helps you keep track of your vehicles, but to keep track of the drivers in charge of them, we offer RFID card readers, tags, and fingerprint scanners that keep record of which drivers are operating which vehicles as well as keeping track of their phone number, license plate number, and other pieces of helpful identification information.

    Safety alerts
    To keep your drivers safe at the end of a long shift, we offer “drowsy driving alarms” to help drivers avoid car accidents, get enough sleep, and work more efficiently.

    Automatic email reports
    Bofan offers a monthly digest of analytics and history data to help your business reach its full potential.

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