8 Mar

Wisconsin Approves Bills That Outlaw Uninvited GPS Tracking

GPS tracking device, GPS tracking solution, vehicle GPS tracking system, GPS manufacturerA GPS tracking device, when used responsibly, is an absolutely incredible technology. Our GPS trackers, for instance, can monitor not only a vehicle or person’s position, but a vehicle’s gas, who’s driving it, and more. Some of our units are even equipped with cameras and systems to allow a vehicle to be shut off remotely, but what would happen if that technology fell into the wrong hands?

How GPS use should be regulated is a bit of a legal gray area for many lawmakers, and in many states, it’s still legal to track a person via GPS (even if they’re not aware of it). As criminals continue to utilize GPS and other electronic tracking methods, lawmakers are beginning to draw the line and clearly define what is and is not legal use of GPS.

The Assembly of Wisconsin has just voted to approve a bill that will outlaw the use of a GPS tracking solution to track someone without their consent. This will eventually work to dissuade, stop, and apprehend stalkers who use the technology to “follow” their targets.

Luckily, this new bill takes into consideration the many productive and safe ways to use GPS. It will remain legal for…

  • Law enforcement officials to track suspects
  • Parents and guardians tracking their children (assuming the children are minors)
  • Automotive dealers who may need to track a vehicle for repossession
  • Businesses that use a vehicle GPS tracking system

But that wasn’t the only bill to be passed by the Assembly at that time. In addition to the new regulations on GPS technology, hard liquor can now be given out in free (albeit very small) samples in grocery stores and liquor stores. Also addressed was online harassment, passing a bill that would allow people to file restraining orders against people who have harassed them via social media or other online channels of communication.

It’s very important to us as a GPS manufacturer that our technology be used responsibly, so hopefully other states will begin to follow Wisconsin’s example. New York is already on-board, outlawing GPS and electronic stalking recently, as well as a few other states.

How do you think law enforcement officials, businesses, and families can responsibly use GPS? What functionality would you most like to see in a GPS system? Let us know in the comments section below!

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