18 Mar

Wearable Tech for Pets May be Reading Minds in the Future

Pet TrackerThe Consumer Electronics Show recently passed, bringing with it a glimpse into the future of the GPS tracking device among countless other technologies. While many watching the event from both the showroom floor and their living rooms at home were occupied with the new Apple Watch, another industry was having a field day at the event. Wearable technology is blowing up, but while speculating about the future of wearable technology, few stop to consider that humans aren’t the only ones that will be wearing this tech in the future, because some of the biggest advances at CES weren’t devices that humans wear. They were devices tailor-made for our pets.

Using a GPS unit as a pet tracker isn’t a groundbreaking advancement. Surprisingly, similar technology has been used for decades, back when radio waves substituted the GPS modules found in more modern trackers. The small subset of GPS tracking devices worn by animals and, more specifically, house pets is becoming a larger industry than ever with new devices pouring into the marketplace.

We’ve already nailed down the simple task of tracking a pet, though, so it’s reasonable to wonder what advancements would need to be made to keep this field of technology fresh and exciting. Experts in the field and entrepreneurs alike have been pioneering new ideas and useful ways to monitor various aspects of our furry friends beyond their location.
- Waterproofing (a must for an active pup)
– Wi-Fi connectivity
– Articles tailored to your dog’s breed and health
– Heart rate monitoring
– Respiratory rate monitoring
– Camera

These features alone aren’t what make these new technologies so exciting, though. It’s how versatile and useful they are alongside GPS tracking devices. The standard dog tracker doesn’t need to do any more than locate your furry friend, but a more advanced system can improve their quality of life, help them live longer, and strengthen the existing bond between you and your dog. If your dog has been running around all day and getting plenty of exercise, these new devices can even calculate how many calories your dog has burned to help you establish healthier eating and exercise routines!

If you’re just looking for a new-and-improved version of the tried-and-true GPS tracking system to keep tabs on your pup’s location, new advancements have made even that more effective. My using geofencing and GPS in tandem, a device could notify you via text message, push notification, or even phone call if your dog strays outside of a user-designated area, allowing you to receive alerts if you pet manages to get out of the house or begins to stray too far from your yard.

It’s truly an exciting time for GPS technology. The applications are endless, as we’ve seen at CES for years as innovators and manufacturers find new and exciting ways to harness the power of GPS tracking. Want to see the magic for yourself? Contact us today!

How do you feel about technology and pets interacting? What gadget would you most like to attach to your furry companion? Let us know in the comments section below!

Article Name
Wearable Tech for Pets May be Reading Minds in the Future
A GPS tracking device can already help find a lost pet, but very soon, it may be capable of much more than that.
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