18 Sep

GPS Tracking News: Week of September 14th 2015

Police GPS TrackersTracking System Might Reduce Risk, High-Speed Chases
Michigan got a firsthand look at the high-tech GPS tracking system
Source: The Blade
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Research Project Tracking Deer with GPS
About 80 deer are equipped with GPS tracking collars in the region
Source: ST. Joe Channel
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2 Ways GPS Tracking Helps Lower Pollution
Many drivers are unaware of the power they hold by being behind the wheel.
Source: FieldLogix
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US Fleet Tracking Provides 3 Electrifying GPS Tracker Benefits For The Electrical Industry
The GPS tracker map is so easy to use
Source: Virtual Strategy Magazine
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From BMI to TMI: The NBA Is Leaning Toward Wearable Tech
The NBA is putting its own money into the study of wearable GPS devices,
Source: Grantland
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Article Name
GPS Tracking News: Week of September 14th 2015
It is amazing how many ways a GPS tracking device can be used from lowering pollution to wearing it on basketball uniforms.
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