9 Oct

GPS Tracking News: Week of October 5th 2015

Kid GPS TrackersTrying Out a New Child Locator Alarm System
Most parents know that keeping a close eye on little kids can be quite challenging.
Source: News Channel 3 WWMT
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GPS Tracking Technology Leads to Dozens of Arrests in St. Petersburg
The technology allows police to shoot out a canister from a device located on the police cruiser
Source: News Channel on Your Side
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TomTom Is Applying Its GPS Technology To Self-Driving Cars And Fitness Watches
GPS device maker TomTom has moved beyond turn-by-turn directions into smartwatches
Source: TechCrunch
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Keeping your Classic Car Safe
So what can be done to safeguard your classic car?
Source: ClassicCarForSale
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Google Swears Android Auto Isn’t Spying On You (That Much)
The era of car computers is upon us, and it’s a little scary from a privacy perspective
Source: Gizmodo
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Article Name
GPS Tracking News: Week of October 5th 2015
More and more parents are becoming comfortable using personal GPS trackers on their children to know their whereabouts.
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