23 Oct

GPS Tracking News: Week of October 19th 2015

GPS DevicesRoger that! With GPS, 2-way Radio Boosts its Business Appeal
Company takes traditional push-to-talk device and adds GPS tracking; it also prioritizes dispatcher calls by urgency
Source: Houston Chronicle Technology
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US Fleet Tracking Lists 4 Easy Tips To Improve Invoicing By Using GPS Trackers
US Fleet Tracking shows how fleet businesses can resolve billing issues with GPS trackers.
Source: Press Release Rocket
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Researchers use GPS to Discover How People are Using National Parks
Wildlife always has the right of way in the Grand Teton National Park.
Source: PHYS ORG
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Cybersecurity Challenges for Manned and Unmanned Systems
Technology advancement is rapidly improving by leaps and bounds.
Source: In Homeland Security
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Some NYC Taxis to Get GPS-Based Fare Meters Under Pilot Program
The GPS meters would make fares more accurate
Source: EWeek
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Article Name
GPS Tracking News: Week of October 19th 2015
It's always great to be aware of the many changes that are happening in technology with GPS devices.
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