16 Oct

GPS Tracking News: Week of October 12th 2015

GPS NewsJoplin Fire Department Trains with GPS for Rescue Missions
The Special Operations Team hits the pavement, tracking their every move.
Source: KOAM TV
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Garmin BabyCam Merges GPS Navigation and Back Seat Video Monitoring
BabyCam is designed to let drivers keep an eye on whatever is in the backseat
Source: Gizmag
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‘GPS Cyber Vulnerabilities’: US Navy Reverts to Teaching Astronavigation
The US Navy is teaching celestial navigation to cadets again amid fears that the GPS system could be hacked
Source: Yachting Monthly
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How Tesla’s Model S Tracks Your Location In a Tunnel Without GPS
GPS doesn’t work if you’re in a tunnel, but the Tesla Model S has come up with a solution.
Source: Motherboard
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What this World Needs is a Better GPS
GPS in the 21st Century
Source: www.dothaneagle.com
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GPS Tracking News: Week of October 12th 2015
Bofan shares with you all of the current information and solutions that GPS devices provide to the public.
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