7 Nov

GPS Tracking News: Week of November 2nd 2015

GPS NewsParents Win Fight Over Autistic Kids’ Right to Wear GPS Trackers to School
The parents of two autistic boys on Long Island are claiming victory in a fight with local schools
Source: NBC New York News
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US Fleet Tracking Exposes Tips To Obtain GPS Tracker Search Data In Seconds
How to find where you need to go quickly and easily.
Source: Virtual Strategy
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Can a Smart Bracelet Make You Better at Golf?
To get better at golf, you need a good picture of what you do well
Source: Men’s Journal
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Tracking Employee With GPS Didn’t Violate Law, NLRB Says
So it didn’t violate the law?
Source: Law 360
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B.C. Couple Use GPS Locator to Find Stolen Tesla
A little tire damage and a scraped rim were the only clues
Source: Global News
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Article Name
GPS Tracking News: Week of November 2nd 2015
It's interesting how many useful ways GPS tracking devices help so many people around the world in different circumstances.
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