14 Aug

GPS Tracking News: Week of August 10th 2015

Personal TrackersHow to Choose the Right Heart Rate Monitor for Your BPM Training
Want a tracker that fits your needs?
Source: Wearable
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9 Tracker-Monitors that Keep Your Furry Friends Safe and Healthy
Wearables have come to the animal kingdom
Source: TNW News
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Cars Can Be Hacked by Their Tiny, Plug-In Insurance Discount Trackers
In some cases, hackers can send a text message — and disable a car’s brakes
Source: CNN Money
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Jindal Administration Starts Installing Tracking Devices in Entire State Government’s Fleet
Cassidy says the project will cost $10 million.
Source: Daily Journal
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Why Your Boss Wants to Track Your Heart Rate at Work
What’s good for the firm might not be good for you.
Source: Bloomberg Business
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Article Name
GPS Tracking News: Week of August 10th 2015
Is it really necessary to track your heart rate at work? More monitoring tracking devices are making their way into our day-to-day living.
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