11 Feb

GPS Manufacturer Bofan Unveils New Site Layout

GPS Manufacturer, GPS Tracking Solutions

The GPS tracking device is an extremely versatile and useful piece of technology. With pinpoint accuracy, you can locate and track almost anything, and while that technology alone has given way to easier navigation and vehicle management, we’ve taken GPS technology to the next level. By adding things like fuel monitors, cameras, and engine cutoff systems to our state-of-the-art GPS tracking systems, we offer complete awareness and control of your vehicles, cargo, and more.

Explore all of the possibilities our GPS vehicle tracking solutions offer by visiting our brand new GPS industries page, complete with sections on how GPS technology can make managing your business or personal property easier and more reliable in a wide variety of fields. Track cars, busses, construction equipment, farming machinery, and more, or even enable your vehicles with driver recognition software customized with your business’s name and logo.

Keep up-to-date on special offers, new products, and more by checking in to our new pressroom, home to all of the GPS tracking news you need to stay ahead. Visit our blog to learn even more about new products, industry news, new ways to implement GPS technology, and much, much more. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube for even more updates, and visit our company and culture pages to learn more about our company’s roots and business philosophy.

As a fast-growing GPS manufacturer, we’re always looking for new ways to distribute our product. Interested in becoming a distributor? Schedule a demonstration to see how the technology works and check out our guide for distributors and resellers! It contains all the information you need about what we provide, where GPS technologies sell well, and how to get started. More interested in using our GPS technology? Look no further than our customer support section with answers to all of your GPS questions and concerns.

Our new website is the perfect place to learn about the endless uses for our GPS tracking solutions. Fleet management tracking is just the tip of the iceberg – with our advancements, your GPS unit can even track fuel levels, routes, and who is in the driver’s seat. Check out our new site and contact us today to learn more.

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