12 Aug

Florida Schools Begin New Year with New GPS Trackers

schoolsThe GPS tracking device is one of the most versatile and universally useful technologies to ever be developed, and almost everywhere you look, there’s a problem that GPS could be solving. From law enforcement to child care, it never hurts to be able to keep an eye on the location of a precious person or possession, and in St. Lucie County, Florida, parents and teachers alike will be able to monitor and track students on their way to and from school.

This year brought many new additions to St. Lucie County, including a new superintendent, one Wayne Gent, former superintendent of the Palm Beach County school district, and a new fleet of busses. This 25-bus fleet was equipped with all of the latest technology including video surveillance, seat belts with shoulder and lap harnesses, and GPS technology. The former principle of several county schools, Gent is more than familiar with managing schools in this area. The new technology doesn’t stop at the bus door – each student is being sent home with a laptop that they can use during the school year both at school and at home.

Parents hoping to take advantage of the GPS technology integrated in the new bus fleet can already do so by utilizing a web app similar to the one offered at Bofan. This program allows you to track your child’s bus route, giving you access to arrival times and departure times as well as real-time updates on delays and changes to the route. Since the program is accessed by visiting a web page, parents can access it from any web-enabled device such as a tablet or smartphone. Now knowing your child’s location is as simple as visiting a web page.

School officials have reminded parents that during this transitional period, adjustments will need to be made, and the systems will need to be calibrated to give accurate arrival and departure estimates, but it’s interesting to see yet another example of GPS technologies making life easier for the parents of St. Lucie County. Parents who are able to track their children on the bus enjoy peace of mind, and with some systems, parents can be notified when their child misses the bus, allowing them to respond quickly. Some systems allow the school to give each student a unique identification card that must be scanned when the student enters their bus or school each day, allowing even more accurate tracking.

And the school system is only one industry in which GPS technology is extremely capable. Tracking vehicles is useful for reducing vehicle misuse in the farming industry, lowering costs and quickening response times of a taxi fleet, or even helping athletes train more effectively. To learn more about how GPS tracking technology can benefit your company or small business, call or click Bofan today – we have a wide range of products, each capable of increasing the efficiency, safety, or profitability of your business. We’re also looking for business owners interested in selling our GPS vehicle tracker – a fine addition to any automotive business! Call or click today.

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Florida Schools Begin New Year with New GPS Trackers
A GPS tracking device will make next year easier for students of select Florida schools. Learn about the tech available to you now!
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