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    Quality Control Monitoring


    Testing Procedure

    Some of test steps:

    Switch Test:Continuously toggle switch within a certain time period, for testing switch service life and also test tracker whether can withstand multiple start and shutdown.
    Life and usage time of the switch: more than 10000 times
    Start & Shutdown times: more than 10000 times

    Misuse Test:Testing whether the tracker can enable misuse protection to ensure the overall function of the tracker if there is misuse.

    Fault-tolerant Test:Testing whether the tracker enable fault shielding effect to ensure other features working if there is partial fault of tracker.

    Plug and Play Test:Testing whether USB and Speaker and Microphone can enable plug and play.

    Power Voltage Jitter Test:Testing whether tracker can work normally if jitter external power supply within certain range.

    Basic Power Consumption Test:
    The average power consumption is 70ma when tracker working normally.
    The average power consumption is 140ma when tracker transfers data to server.
    The average power consumption is 480ma when tracker communication to your cell phone.
    The average power consumption is 300ma when you use voice monitoring function.
    The average power consumption is 200ma when you take picture by camera.

    Storage Test:Working within normal temperature and humidity range, test whether tracker can normally storage data and with low power consumption.

    Aging Test:Each tracker will do this aging test for 3 days, it will be sent to warehouse only when it pass “Signal Test” and “Function Test” after first aging test, if there is any problem after first aging, then it will be sent for repair and do second aging again, until it work normally.

    Low and High Temperature Test:Simulating the situation of the accelerated aging and internal components aging when tracker working under certain temperature.Operating Temperature Range is -20℃ to 60℃.

    Vibration Test:Simulating the situation of the vibration aging when using tracker, and also test the internal layout and production process technology of tracker whether is reasonable.

    Ripple Test:Testing voltage waveform and itself characteristic curves of main components whether is normal when tracker working.

    Voltage Drop Test (DIP):Testing whether tracker can work normally when external power voltage drop irregularly.

    Test Report

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