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    Brand Concept

    Creating value for customers

    Bofan is a global GPS tracking solution provider. With our cost effective FMS solution, customers can set up a professional tracking platform of their own and provide real-time tracking service,fleet managment tracking service to their locals. Bofan handles all the technology issues,so customers focus strictly on their tracking business to realize a rapid and ongoing ROI that includes increased revenue, reduced costs and ability to grow profitably.

    Make it Better

    There are lots of gps tracker providers in the market, you may ask why you should select Bofan instead of others? good question ! That is also what we are keeping think of. We believe small things make big difference, save a print paper, turn off the lights in the daytime and turn down the air conditioner in summer etc. All of the costs saved can be turned to reduce products costs, what is more, deliver goods 1 day earlier than competitors, response customers’ requests 30 minutes earlier than comepetitors, a mail or greeting call to clients after they purchase from us, etc.No big talkings, just do what we can do and make it better.
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